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Top 2 Bottom began in March of 2008 by Ed and Jill Moore, in their home as a “part-time” business to support her work as a marketing consultant for Century Boats. When Jill’s job ended in 2010, the Moore’s decided to put all their efforts into making Top 2 Bottom unlike any other marketing agency in the business. Since Her clients needed unique ways to promote their businesses, and more often than not, they lost time using multiple vendors, and didn’t always receive the items and services they needed to consistently deliver their company’s messages. Creating Top 2 Bottom gave Jill the opportunity to effectively assist her clients with their marketing strategies by incorporating specialty advertising into their overall marketing plan. Since then, Top 2 Bottom has grown by double digits every year, and they currently supply everything from custom apparel and webstore hosting, to branding and promotional products for their clients from all over the United States.


 - Jill and Ed Moore


In 2016, the company moved from out of the Moore’s house and into a 1200 square foot facility. In October of 2021, Top 2 Bottom moved into its current building, spanning a size of nearly 7000 square feet. In the past year alone, Top 2 Bottom has added 8 new employees to help keep up with it’s crazy growth.



Meet the Team!


Jill Moore (President/Account Executive) – After receiving her Advertising/PR degree from Oklahoma Christian University in 1992, she bounced around different advertising agencies in Louisiana. One of those jobs led her to the marine industry, which then paved the way to her role as Marketing Director for Century Boats. Relationships she made during that time are still active at Top 2 Bottom. Jill oversees sales, new client development, HR with Ed and overall making sure the work gets done.

Ed Moore (Sec/Treasurer - Accounting)  A soccer star in college, Ed graduated with a business degree in 1982. He likes to say he never really knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, but Ed believed in Jill's vision for Top 2 Bottom. Ed handles all things accounting, overall operations, HR, and his former merchandising experience comes in to play when it comes to setting up live stores and our own show room floor. Ed makes sure you get paid, and he will keep you laughing!


Michael Derr (Account Executive) – Ed and Jill met Michael as an intern in 2015 when Top 2 Bottom ran a fan shop for a minor league baseball team, the Air Hogs. Michael started his senior year of college, with duties including printing t-shirts out of the bedroom in the Moore’s house, completing deliveries, and running errands. He graduated from the University of Texas Arlington in 2016 with a degree in Marketing. At that time, Top 2 Bottom’s business/sales started taking off, so he was brought on full time to be an account executive. Michael works with schools, non-profits, some local businesses and currently, a few large, regional and national accounts. Michael is the "steady/calm" at Top 2 Bottom.


Stephanie Hines (Shipping/Accounting) – In the fall of 2017, Top 2 Bottom’s growth required more help and so along came the wonderful Stephanie! Stephanie's previous experience in different business environments made her the perfect candidate to do anything and everything as Top 2 Bottom experienced its first big growth spurt. Because the webstores have grown so much, her main job is shipping/invoicing webstore orders, and she also helps Ed with various accounting. Stephanie is that employee that is willing to do everything with a smile on her face! Steph is also a great listener and advice giver!


Jordan Mullins (Webstore Manager) – As the number of webstore requests increased, we needed more help. All the way from Virginia came Jordan. As a 2019 graduate of University of Kentucky, Jordan headed to Top 2 Bottom as an intern for the summer and thankfully never left. Jordan is instrumental in running two of our largest webstores and has created most of the e-commerce websites. He has been fundamental in leading the transition to new and updated software programs. Jordan is learning to manage a few accounts and is the "go-to guy" for whatever is needed. As a former mascot at UK, he is a ball of energy, and his quirky humor keeps everyone laughing. 


Natalie Barron (Office Manager/Production Manager) – Late 2020, in the height of the pandemic, the e-commerce websites continued to grow and grow. Natalie had been a private teacher for a special needs student, but unfortunately left because of the pandemic. She started in a "part-time/few months" job, but Ed and Jill quickly realized what a gem they had found! Her experience and organization skills combined make her the perfect person to run the craziness that is production! Natalie is the “captain” in the back that makes everything run smoothly, making sure orders are processed, sent to decoration and then out to clients. Natalie will also make sure you have office supplies, plates to each lunch on and lunch to fill those plates on employee lunch days. Natalie is our bundle of energy and joy!


Jen Arias (Graphic Design Intern) – In May of 2021, Top 2 Bottom needed more hands-on deck for the growing e-commerce websites, and along came Jen to help with that! Jen is super creative Jen created all the new signage, business cards and wall art for the new Top 2 Bottom building. She works with Jordan and Michael on e-commerce websites, as well as other graphic arts projects. Super creative, quiet yet funny, Jen has become a bright spot in the office! She currently attends the University of Texas Arlington and will graduate in 2023. 


Elaina Gonzales (Production Assistant) – Elaina came to Top 2 Bottom in fall of 2021 as an intern and has since climbed the ranks to Production Assistant. She assists Natalie with production, does a little bit of this, a little bit of that and always with a smile on her face. She helps check in orders, creates purchase orders for different accounts and helps with the larger production projects. Elaina is a former student of the University of Texas Arlington. She is always good for a laugh and a hug!


Taylor Metcalf (Webstore Manager/Graphic Designer) – From Panama City, Florida, Taylor packed up and moved to Texas in October of 2021. Her degree in Graphic Design/Advertising from Troy University was the perfect mix for her to start taking over one of our larger webstore clients. She also helps build new webstores and works on graphic arts/design projects. Walk in her office and it will always be warm with good oxygen – she is a plant lover!


Jayson Christian (Production Intern) – Jayson joined the team December 2021. His primary job is to print apparel that comes from webstore orders, but he is also the backup driver for delivery jobs. Jayson is currently a high school student and will continue at Top 2 Bottom in the fall during his senior year.


Meagan Rethman (Account Coordinator)  Meagan arrived to the Top 2 Bottom family in March of 2022 as an Account Coordinator. She is a recent graduate Texas Tech University - Wreck Em'! Her degree in Communications and Public Relations allowed her to travel the country as a political intern, and when that was over, she packed up and moved to Dallas! Meagan is Jill’s right-hand, helping with webstore orders, searching for products to show clients, writing purchase orders, and assisting with anything else that needs attending. In her free time, she likes to explore the great outdoors and watch sports!


Daniela Sancen (Account Executive)  A recent graduate from the University of Texas Arlington, Daniela has her Bachelor's of Business Administration in Information Systems. She is mom to a tiny human, a beautiful 5-year-old son, and loves spending time with her family in her free time. Her primary role is to check in orders and assist as Jordan's right hand with a few of the larger stores Top 2 Bottom handles.


Luke Phillips (Webstore Coordinator)  Our newest member, Luke graduated high school Spring of 2022. In the fall, he will attend Tarrant County College to first get his AA and then continue his education at Texas A&M to pursue a degree in Marketing. Luke's job consists of checking in and processing orders, printing apparel and substituting as a delivery driver. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his girlfriend, family and friends, and play basketball. 




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